Vision Mission Strategy

The Board of Directors had reviewed the Company’s vision, mission and set the Company’s short-term and long-term goals and business strategies. The Board of Directors regularly monitors operating performance of the Company to ensure that the Company follows its mission and its operations are in line with the business strategies. The Board of Directors and sub-committees also follow principles of good corporate governance prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


"We aim to be The Leading Logistics Group with Sustainable Growth in Southeast Asia"

Our Mission

Deliver logistics services and innovative logistics solutions that provide competitive advantage to our customers and partners. (THE RIGHT SOLUTION)

Become a valuable business alliance to our customers and partners by building a long lasting relationship and sustainable growth. (THE RIGHT PARTNER)

Conduct business responsibly through Corporate Governance for the best interest of all stakeholders, community and society. (THE RIGHT CORPORATE CITIZEN)

Strategy and Goal

The group company’s goal is to build strengths and create growth in all business groups. The three main strategies are:

Revenue Generation: the group company’s goal is to create business growth by expanding its existing platform which consists of customers, business partners and products.

Cost Management and Enhancement of Operational Efficiency: through continuous investment in information technology system and human resources development in order to increase competitiveness and provide satisfaction to customers and trade partners.

Increase of Business Opportunities: through development of existing products and innovations in logistics and business expansion domestically and internationally. For instance, direct investment by the group company, joint venture, and merger or acquisition.