Triple i Logistics Public Company Limited’s business operations in 2021 were still dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, which was a major obstacle. However, the company has been well prepared to respond and adapt to the crisis in the business sector, especially with the rapidly changing consumer behavior.

With the company’s business strategy focusing on strengthening its basic logistics business, the company has also adopted a diversification strategy by investing in many other logistics-related businesses. This is helping stabilize the revenue structure including effective cost management. Thanks to this business strategy, the company was able to overcome challenges and generate satisfactory results in 2021 with a record net profit of 377.3 million baht, a 132.2% increase compared to the previous year.

In 2022, the company will still employ its business development plans continuously with new businesses and services that are comprehensive and in line with changing consumer needs and behaviors. It also maintains the company’s potential to become a leading logistics company in Asia in line with its business goals.

Triple i Logistics’ operations results in 2021 are a testament to the success that comes from cooperation in all sectors. I thank the shareholders, business partners and all supporters who have joined this opportunity. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors and all staff for their dedication in driving forward so the company can achieve its goals with pride.

We continue to push the company forward so it grows sustainably and helps develop Thailand’s logistics industry so it becomes an economic engine that can generate income for the country in the future.

Tipp Dalal
Chairman of the Management Committee and Chief Executive Officer